I'm not good even at crawling. Compared to me, a caterpillar is so majestic 🤪😅 ... Yeah... I must crawl most of the time instead of walking, the control of my legs is just for brief time. Now the hashtag is real 🤪👴

In my current condition, coughing is hazardous. Sneezing equals suicide 🤪😂

Back to the bed now, and thinking about what technology would be required for the concert, able to render in real time 60FPS progressive scan at 3840x2160...

Crawling to the kitchen to have my coffee ☕
bbl😊 😅 🐛

Tried to play on Montage a little, and it puts such a high strain on my back, I had to stop after few minutes only. I think I must wait until the next month's surgery before I can start performing again....

16°C now afte 42°C two days ago 😅🤪 crazy weather 🤪🤪🤪

Steamy morning here. Today I could finally get up and move on my legs, but my back hurts and gets tired very fast. So I'm still stuck in bed for the rest of the day

on the mobile I cannot use translation, I'm sorry, I just wanted to let you all know about my current condition

bad news : paralysed from the waist down, I'm a "caterpillar" now

I injured myself today, and my back hurts now strong enough to divert my attention from the tumors' reaction to the incoming weather changes 😅

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