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Funny to hear about V6, for many who got used to the "perfect pitch" and "less vibrato" voices specific to Vocaloid, they don't like it when the Uncanny Valley hits them so hard.
But I like it. :dot_gumi: 🙏🥰

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音楽配信サービス に、GUMI 10周年記念楽曲「YOU ARE THE REASON 10」を含むneutrinoPのプレイリストを公開しました。

Made a little fun of a friend in North Carolina earlier, when he said "I can see northern lights from here!".
My reply was "It would be trouble some if you would see the southern lights there!".
But in reality, if the sun generates a much bigger eruption, which is not impossible, such events are definitely possible to happen, and that would mean that we would return to candle light, zero electronics.

I keep monitoring the conditions and I see another X class flare just happening

I finally had some of my hearing return, the tumour is pressing lighter on the hearing nerve, so I finally had some courage to listen to what I've done without hearing anything but my tinnitus.
To my surprise, the song is decent, and the sound is how I was imagining it to be.

If I tell you that I have to pay 6.52 USD per gallon of fuel for Mitsu....
That's 12.5 gallons for a full tank.
81.5 USD.
And of course, the fuel is premium, from MOL (Hungary) which have the same prices as Rompetrol, but definitely higher quality.

Crazy April 

Today is going to be hot, 34°C expected in the southern region of the country. Then tomorrow the heat will start going away, Wednesday we'll get at most 13°C. Very dangerous oscillation.
Of course my tumours are acting up like crazy today.


One of my rare posts.
Since I'm no longer allowed to complain, because certain people would get upset, I stayed silent, but now it's time to say it.
My tumour has extended, eating from the brain even more. Further, the second tumour in the left frontal lobe has appeared, causing even more pain and seizures.
As it feels today, I don't think I will make it over this weekend.
If I have to cough it feels like someone is striking my head with an axe.
If I get silent, it means I'm gone.

V6 Ai sings "SANITY", my original song.
Indeed, GUMI nails it!
A more adult, more strong, and more close to what I would enjoy in real life, especially for Progressive Metal genre, and GUMI handles it exceptionally. 🥰
Version available only here on X.

Music, instruments, recording, arrangements, master:

Enjoy. 🙏👍💪😁 :dot_gumi:

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