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音楽配信サービス に、GUMI 10周年記念楽曲「YOU ARE THE REASON 10」を含むneutrinoPのプレイリストを公開しました。

Right now I'm wasting time, playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl game 🤪
I tried to practice on Montage8 earlier, my hands wouldn't listen to me, and would go all over the place. It's going to take time to recover.


Related to my heart failures, this is one thing I've inherited from my father and his bloodline.
The highest longevity so far was my father who has lived 53 years. His father (my grandpa) lived 51 years, and my grandpa's father was 49 when he died.
I'm... in the age range. And I can expect it to end anytime soon.
Hopefully I can make one more cute song to leave for the next generation. (once I can move my hands again that is!)

Just recovered from a massive heart failure 

It started with a sensation of tiredness, and my head was sweating abundantly.
I immediately put the pulse oxymeter, and took a nitro under my tongue.
Pulse went as low as 44 beats, and after few minutes it became regular, not random.
Then I managed to match breathing with my heart, and suddenly it came back with 108 beats.
Now to rest until dizziness disappear.
BTW it was painless.

One more chemo reprise left, Monday.
After that.... who knows what will come?
Certainly I dissolved 9 out of 11 satellite tumors, and the remaining two are also showing signs of shrinking.
The one in the brain though is going to stay there forever. And lately it has reactivated its "weather radar" and "solar flare detector" functions, along with coma reprises.
Oh well... on can't have everything, and neither to please everyone 🤪😅

Mixed feelings, partly hungry, partly not hungry, partly sleepy, partly wishing I could start making something...
But doc said "go to sleep!".. so I will conform 😊🛌😪

So much tranquillity, moonlight, stars, snowy mountains... reflections (not in the snow) 🤪😁

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