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音楽配信サービス に、GUMI 10周年記念楽曲「YOU ARE THE REASON 10」を含むneutrinoPのプレイリストを公開しました。

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ボーカロイドミュージック配信専用レーベル「VOCALOTRACKS」にて、GUMI 10周年記念楽曲「YOU ARE THE REASON 10」を含むneutrinoPの新作4曲を全世界へ向けて配信開始!よろしくお願いします。

Having massive power outages here now, and the frustrated police is questioning me why I still have power.... (Romania 2020)

lol... while I was comfortably having all the gears I needed, I wasn't able to do anything because my body doesn't allows me to do anything. Now it's worse, the only "window to the world" is just my phone.
Need patience, next week maybe.


I'm so angry at myself for not being able to create anything new yet...

【VOCALOID】17|18 feat.結月ゆかり,東北ずん子【ゆかずん】 sm37642190

I started altering the game physics, and now it feels more like supersaiyan 😂 And I also want to alter some ammo properties, like a bullet to have the impact force of a buss, or the m203 grenade to be a small nuclear warhead 😂

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