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Funny to hear about V6, for many who got used to the "perfect pitch" and "less vibrato" voices specific to Vocaloid, they don't like it when the Uncanny Valley hits them so hard.
But I like it. :dot_gumi: 🙏🥰

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音楽配信サービス に、GUMI 10周年記念楽曲「YOU ARE THE REASON 10」を含むneutrinoPのプレイリストを公開しました。

Got my Mitsu back today, in great shape and like new 🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣 :dot_gumi:

BTW I'm trying to understand what is going on lately, and why there is so much addiction for Genshin Impact among my acquaintances and friends.
To me, the English doesn't sound so good for these characters 🤣
It might be just me but.... please don't judge me.


Last week I went through open heart surgery, two tiny clots which have originated in my sick left leg have stopped in my heart. Removal is successful. Now healing.

But today I left Mitsu at my friend mechanic, Saturday a YAMAHA FJR1300 fell on the back door and dented it heavily.
The YAMAHA has also sustained heavy damage.
I hope I will have Mitsu back by the weekend.

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