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音楽配信サービス に、GUMI 10周年記念楽曲「YOU ARE THE REASON 10」を含むneutrinoPのプレイリストを公開しました。

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ボーカロイドミュージック配信専用レーベル「VOCALOTRACKS」にて、GUMI 10周年記念楽曲「YOU ARE THE REASON 10」を含むneutrinoPの新作4曲を全世界へ向けて配信開始!よろしくお願いします。

So I dreamt that I was a girl, wearing a cute black peachskin dress, and I felt really good.
Woke up, made me that cute little black peachskin dress, and I'm not regretting anything except that I'm an old crazy man 🤪 but it really feels good ❤️ 👗

fetish disclosure 

If you are wondering what's with the dry heat, HERE! This looks like artificially engineered weather.
42°C expected these days...

Beer now, sleep later, tonight I might go chasing some windy places

I'm... always "in heat", huh? Give me those 3 pills! 😂
【 年中発情期 】です!

Trying to find a reason for your suffering requires a lot of energy. Is so much better to preserve that energy and fight the suffering while try to CREATE something.. anything...

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