Me: I'm gonna go into making this cover video and do all this cool stuff with it!
*tries to do anything besides literally a fade in and image pan*
Ha lol nevermind

Thing 2 I realized today:
Why everyone just uses annotations for their subtitles

Me:: Man, I love how this cover turned out! I'll go ahead and put the instrumentals with it and start making the video
Cover, as I'm making the video: *things suddenly sound different*
Me: Oh no

I've done a combination of deciding what I wanna do in Japan and realizing I probably can't do everything I wanna do in Japan from a financial standpoint


In the situation my attempt at Japanese was too horrible to make any sense
I wanted to make my first original song with Mew, so if anyone who speaks Japanese fluently wanted to help me with correcting mistakes with lyrics in the future, it would be appreciated!

That's fine, I have her on my computer version anyways.



While it's still her birthday here, happy birthday Galaco!!


I'll go ahead and do my

I've been working with the Vocaloid engine for a few years, but have only recently felt confident enough to really start being productive with it. I speak English natively and am learning Japanese I have a ton of Vocaloids along with the V5 engine and FL Studio, but the most notable thing of them all is that I'm the one Mew guy. She's amazing.
I've been looking a lot into working with some other people so I can get more practice, so if you wanna collab, hi!

Hi friends!!!!
Things already look a ton more efficient over here;u;