I feel like me trying to figure out this harmony for a song I'm covering is the equivalent of the Yo-Yo Man vine, where I'm the man, and the harmony is the Yo-Yo Master.

@neutrinoP "Massive Explosion", from Dissidia Final Fantasy. It's really difficult to hear to harmony, and I can't find music sheet for the vocals. 😭

@neutrinoP Yeah, that one! (I'm sorry, I should have linked the song to you lol)
I finished the melody and tuned it months ago, but I barely worked on the harmony because I can't work it out.

@Azusa it's a quite simple harmony, (back vocal) line, but they decided to be off the scale in some parts. I wonder why?

@neutrinoP Is it? I'm bad when it comes to listening to the harmony, and my friend claimed he couldn't hear it because it was too quiet or something, so I've been stuck. 😣

@Azusa I found the "instrumental only" version, listened to it in hope it was the "karaoke" version instead 😅
I think they lowered the secondary voice on purpose, precisely because it goes quite off the scale and to avoid dissonance

@Azusa thus I recommend to use just the main vocals you've made and don't try to trace the original back vocal track

@neutrinoP Yeah, I think when it comes down to it, I'll probably make up a harmony that sounds nice, or at the very least lower it an octave. Thank you so much for the help! 😄

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