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Have you heard ‘【Album Crossfade】The Big Alliance’ by Myriad on ?

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I'm musing a bit about my Vocaloid (et al.) doujinshi circle, Myriad (, and how its aspects and purpose have changed a bit over the years. If you don't mind, I'd like to talk about it a bit (this will be a long thread, fair warning!)

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-- culture that is uniquely something we can do. That's in line with the original intention of Myriad as an international circle, connecting cultures and people, and in our name -- a myriad of styles, a myriad of participants, a myriad of works.

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I don't think we exist as a circle in the traditional Japanese doujinshi sense, and I don't think we should. Our goals spring from and are heavily inspired by the existing physical-product doujinshi culture they have there, but we want to create a collaborative, creative --

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I've been thinking about this, and in my mind, I think Myriad exists as an entity on its own -- one that makes its own creative work, living at the intersection of my and the other four core members' skills, but one that also hosts and uses its resources to help others.

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Remembers I get to see IA & ONE live on Halloween: 🙂

Also remembers I have to finish organizing a compilation album before Halloween: 🙃

Should I use CW: 英語 to hide my English posts? 🤔

I have my old Genki textbooks... maybe I should go through them chapter by chapter again 😂




@VocaMew oh wait no scratch that it just took a minute for your icon to propagate on dot art LOL

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(I hide on vocalodon sometimes... even if I do not post 😂)

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