that's actually really nice cuz now I can just blab on and not annoy the japanese feed uwu

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@thicctora Ya boy just got roasted a little bit for his bad Japanese so I'm gonna retreat to unlisted for a little while too

@VocaMew you gotta learn somewhere! nothing wrong with that. I'm still pretty ... not confident with my jpn and i've been learning on and off for 7 years (i really should take a class)

@thicctora I've taken some classes and know enough to look up a word and use it usually efficiently
Although in one thing I said on here I had like two verbs back to back and conjugated the wrong one and I wanna die

@VocaMew just put まだ勉強します in your bio or something. They all seem really nice and understanding that we're bad at jpn lmao

@thicctora Ya one of the people was like these foreigners aren't doing quite right and it's wonderful and I'm like cool thanks love you

@VocaMew @thicctora See we gotta adapt. Like that one hero who immediately said “I am a ninja” in English the instant we all started posting. 私はカウガールです。

@MystSaphyr @thicctora One day we'll be in the group feed talking and reading Japanese like normal

@VocaMew @MystSaphyr for now we cry into our ramen bowls and drink hella ramune

@thicctora @MystSaphyr Apparently I got more rusty than I thought and ya boy gonna be heading to Japan in two months so I super need this

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