good morning i start my new job in 45 minutes and i am SCARED

@VocaMew @MystSaphyr for now we cry into our ramen bowls and drink hella ramune

@VocaMew just put まだ勉強します in your bio or something. They all seem really nice and understanding that we're bad at jpn lmao

@VocaMew you gotta learn somewhere! nothing wrong with that. I'm still pretty ... not confident with my jpn and i've been learning on and off for 7 years (i really should take a class)

that's actually really nice cuz now I can just blab on and not annoy the japanese feed uwu


@VocaMew 強くなってければならない

@MystSaphyr damn i wish i had a jpn class when i was still in school. I've been thinking of doing one at a community college or something but I gotta get my first month done at my new job first

@manbou I turn the OPE parameter down to make the "a" sound closer to "V". Also "e" becomes "I".

@MystSaphyr duolingo for jpn is a lot better than it was, ive been using it to practice every night

@khiyowa Me too! I start my new job tomorrow but I'd rather sleep 😭


i need them for. something they're not meant to be used for

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